Ccino is going organic

December 14, 2010

Just in time for the holidays! Limited edition Ccino print with real organic coffee from Organic Coffee Cartel.

Order yours HERE

In other toy news...

December 14, 2010

Behold the 'Dunny Racer: Miami Vice Version' - our custom Dunny that just debuted at The Almighty Dunny Show in Brooklyn.

Available for purchase at

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November 10, 2010

This is just a gratuitous tease of things to come.
The crack team of technicians and scientists are cooking up something interesting.

Perhaps something epic? Most likely. Should you care? Most definitely.

Serious Business

October 24, 2010

Ccino sitting down with some friends.

Seen in L.A.

October 21, 2010

Sad Coffee Cup stickers as seen in Los Angeles, CA.

Stickers: The Aftermath

October 13, 2010

The stickers were a hit at New York Comic Con. Thanks again to Benny at Tenacious Toys for spreading the joy, or sadness.

Some lovely people took time to pose for some pictures with their Ccino stickers, check it out.

Ccino is cute, but still sad.

October 8, 2010

Supahcute is givin' me some love!

Everyone loves stickers

October 4, 2010

Sad Coffee Cup STICKERS will be available at the New York Comic Con! Get them at the Tenacious Toys Booth (2878)! Send pics of where you stick 'em!

Tenacious Toys
New York Comic Con

If you find yourself thinking, "I could really use some Sad Coffee Cup stickers," please feel free to contact us at


September 26, 2010

You should check this out!
Good things are going to happen soon! An exclusive and limited edition Art House Coffee is in the works!

Origin of the Cup

September 18, 2010

…finally making the mold for Ccino - I am nervous. I have been reflecting on the design for a while now. I feel it all coming into focus, now.

This design just showed up one day, as many ideas often do. Something triggered it and it came forth. Who knows why? Who really cares? I started to play with the idea as a sort of character to inhabit my paintings and maybe as a small sculpture. I've been fascinated by Urban Vinyl and 'Art Toys' in general for a while. I was always in awe of the designs and yet, at the same time, always felt a little apathetic to the genre. It was eye candy. What could a so-called 'toy' really tell anyone? What is the point? As a painter, I've always been against the idea of 'art for art's sake.' I think art must have a point or a theory; an agenda. Design, on the other hand, has always been a (mostly) mindless, "pretty," genre -Art-Lite: great colors, technique and composition with absolutely no point. No valuable lessons to teach. No truths to reveal. No humanity to relate to. Or so I thought for the longest time. Then, I had my own, "design," and everything started to feel different to me. But, I don't (didn't) know why. At first, I think I was just loathe to classify anything I had been 'inspired' to create as pointless or meaningless. So, I just let it be. All the while hoping that I would find some comfortable way to think and feel about it. And so, I started to use my 'design.' He (I think of him as a 'he') first showed up in a piece, (a set of four paintings) about words and meanings and surprise and not being so serious all the time. (The set is: Ode to the Roman Gods.) He just seemed to fit- to sum up my point/counterpoint inquisition into understanding and belief and revelation related to the themes of that set. I don't know why I thought of using the cup in the hands of the various (4) Roman shrine/ancestor figures. He seemed so incongruous; so unexpected. I liked it. And I felt it was saying that thing which one can never seem to put into words. You know the thing? The ‘one’ that is based on context and example and reveals itself in an instant and then retreats. I was elated. I got me! Big surprise. But would anyone else? Well, I thought I'd try again but, bigger the next time. Much bigger. Still mining the vein of language and understanding, I created, "Status Quo." The juxtaposition of the words, this time in history, and the entity of the cup was impactful to me. Now, I thought I was onto something.

But what was it, still? Art or design? My ideas were changing about design and its possibilities. I started to see this character as a sort of everyman. Albeit with a miserable story, but still - everyman. Didn't Buddha say that man lives in a state of suffering and misery; that it was of our making. Well, Ccino owns that. And then, to my great and stupid surprise, I came to the realization that was me. He is me. I realized it after I started to understand the type of situations that I put him in. When I really looked at the kind of misery that Ccino portrays - the sort of ironic visual jokes - I finally got it. There's irony, sarcasm, wit, humor, sadness and dismay. It's all very smart and I'm so pleased with myself. I may have to come up with a situation to put Ccino in his place and me in mine!

So, I put this silly thing in visual gags and give him ridiculous props to play off of. It's not really commentary on the hype of the 2012 doomsday prophecies. It's not really about military power and war games played out in the real world. It's not really about politics and power; bitter struggles and ultimate betrayals. It's not really about the devil that lurks inside us all. It's not really about 'want' and 'gotta have' at any price. It's not really about the persistence of youth and the steady decay and corruption of age. It's not really about monumental civilizations defined by their (its) throw-away convenience. It's not really about getting up to get down. It's not really about shining a light on inevitable outcomes. It's not really about the monsters that rise up to devour us. It's not really about grabbing on to that which has grabbed you and fighting back. It's not really about compulsive behavior in the face of evidence for change. It's not really about the masks of seriousness that we put on innumerable ridiculous things. It's not really about being consumed by that little light you decided to let shine. It's not really about celebration in the midst of death and decay - misery and dismay.

It's just a sad coffee cup. Take it or leave it.

-Jason Cullison